Are you looking for a place to observe and celebrate important events in your life? Immanuel Lutheran offers a place of welcome.


Baptism is one of God’s best gifts to us. Through water and the word of promise, God seals us and marks us with the cross of Christ, “clothing us in Christ.” We practice baptism of infants, children, youth, and adults. If you desire to be baptized, or to bring your child for baptism, our pastor will be happy to spend time talking with you about the steps and instruction involved in coming to this sacrament.


One of the most important ways that we can minister to one another is by offering comfort and support when people are grieving the loss of loved ones. We gather for worship, join in thanking God for the good gift of our loved one’s life, share in Communion at the table as we experience “a foretaste of the feast to come,” and then commit them to the good keeping of a loving God. You do not have to be a member of Immanuel in order to have a funeral here. In the event of a death, please contact the Church Office and ask to speak with the pastor about planning a funeral service.


Immanuel Lutheran is a lovely spot in which to celebrate your marriage! We welcome inquiries about your upcoming wedding. You do not have to be a member, and we place no barriers on the genders of the couple. Because we believe that marriage is a very serious undertaking before God, and because we believe that the marriage ceremony is an act of Christian worship in which the pastor and gathered community are extending a blessing of the relationship, we do require that all couples spend a time of preparation with the pastor in sessions that extend over the course of several weeks. If you are interested in getting married at Immanuel, please contact the Church Office and ask for a meeting with the pastor to discuss your plans.