Sundays 9 – 10 AM

Gatherings include viewing short videos and lively discussions.

You can participate either in-person or via Zoom.   All participants will have an enhanced experience by being able to see and hear each other, via an Owl Labs 360-degree view video camera/speaker/microphone!

2022 Schedule of Topics

October 2 & 9:  Richard Rohr, Catholic priest and Franciscan Friar, on Science and Nonduality.

Father Richard will offer a concise history of how Western Christianity once had, soon lost, tried to retrieve, and now is roundly rediscovering its own traditional understanding of unitive consciousness (which was our word for non-dual thinking).   This possibility was brought to the fore by Thomas Merton in the middle of the last century, and is now flowing in many positive directions. It is now our task to rediscover the pre-Enlightenment Christianity that reveled in “the cloud of unknowing”, what some called “learned ignorance”, and the very notion of Mystery itself.  Only when we got into competition with rationalism and secularism, did we adopt this rather recent mania for certitude and a very limited kind of scientific knowing. Almost the entire history of Protestantism emerged in this period, and thus the contemplative mind is an utterly new revelation for them, and frankly for all of us, as we again learn to be comfortable living on the edge of both the knowable and the unknown.

Past Sessions:

September 25 – Lisa Sharon Harper on patriarchy, reparations, and orthodoxy.  Lisa is the Chief Church Engagement Officer at Sojourners and has written extensively on shalom and governance, immigration reform, health care reform, poverty, racial and gender justice, climate change, and transformational civic engagement.  Watch Lisa Sharon Harper interview on Youtube

September 11 & 18/22 – A Christian Case for Reparations & Dismantling White Supremacy – Duke L. Kwon & Gregory Thompson, co-authors of Reparations: A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair

Watch interview of the authors on Youtube

5/29/22 – Dolly Chugh on Fighting Bias Here are also links to talks she has given Google talk – September 2018 University School of Business – August 2020

5/8/22 – The Bible For Normal People – Peter Enns speaks on some of the difficulties of believing in the God of the Bible at the February 2019 TheoEd Talks in Atlanta.  Watch Peter on Youtube

5/1/22 – Rev. Dr. Neichelle Guidry, TheoEd talk: What It Means to be Human – Dean of the Chapel at Spelman College, Rev. Dr. Neichelle Guidry, asks questions core to our faith and humanity, including why it can be hard set limits, embrace rest, and extend grace to ourselves after failures and mistakes. Watch Dr. Neichelle Guidry on Youtube

4/24/22 – Rev. Dr. Barbara Holmes,  Inclusion from the beginningIf inclusion is to be meaningful it must be based on the idea that every one and every thing is included from the beginning. Not included in socially constructed hierarchies with allegiance to one political system or another but included in a web of life set forth from the foundations of the earth.  Watch Dr. Barbara Holmes on Youtube

March 20 – April 3  – The History of the Christ (3 sessions) – Father Richard Rohr

3/20/22 – Part One: In this fifteen-minute video, Father Richard explains how a succession of medieval scholars developed a theology around the religious and spiritual intuitions of Saint Francis of Assisi. He highlights how God has always spoken through creation since the beginning of time, and invites viewers into the struggle of understanding the Christ mystery.  Watch Part One on Youtube

3/27/22 – Part Two: In this nine-minute video, Father Richard shows that the Universal Christ is rooted deeply in tradition. He highlights the story of St. Ignatius of Antioch who began using the term “catholic” or “universal” to describe the Christian Church. He highlights what Christianity has lost through the separation of Eastern and Western churches. We need to regain an understanding of “original goodness.” Watch Part 2 on Youtube

4/3/22 – Part Three: In this ten-minute video, Father Richard looks at what was gained and lost in the Protestant Reformation and the challenges for Western religion that come through the Enlightenment. He encourages viewers to try and engage the Universal Christ not just as a rational idea but a participatory reality. Watch Part 3 on Youtube

March 13 – Dr. Chanequa Walker Barnes TheoEd talk: Pathological Whiteness.  Dr. Walker-Barnes is a clinical psychologist, public theologian, and ecumenical minister whose work focuses upon healing the legacies of racial and gender oppression. Watch Dr. Walker Barnes on Youtube

February 27  Father Greg Boyles, founder of Homeboy Industries, a gang intervention ministry in LA. Part 1  Watch Father Greg Boyles

March 6 Father Greg Boyles, founder of Homeboy Industries, a gang intervention ministry in LA. Part 2

February 20  – Rev. Dr. Lauren Winner on “Magnolia Trees and Cardigan Sweaters: Unexpected Metaphors for God”  Watch Lauren Winner

February 6 – Jim Wallis on “Voting Rights is Now a Faith Issue” part 1

February 13 – Jim Wallis on “Voting Rights is Now a Faith Issue” part 2 Watch Jim Wallis on Youtube

January 30 – Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, author of “Not in God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence” speaks on the Big Questions.  Rabbi Sacks was a British Orthodox rabbi and leading philosopher, theologian, author, peer and public figure. He served as the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth from 1991 to 2013.  He died in November of 2020 at the age of 72.   Watch Rabbi Sacks on Youtube

January 23 – Nadia Bolz-Weber on “Forgiveness and being Church”.  Watch on Youtube

January 16- Austin Channing Brown on “The Double Sided Pursuit of Racial Justice.”  Watch on Youtube

January 9 – Ted Smith on “Reckless Love Living for Things That Die”. In this provocative talk, Ted Smith, Professor of Preaching and Ethics at Candler School of Theology, considers how and why we are called to devote our lives to things that do not last.  Watch on Youtube